In 1944, Dan Harrison purchased what was then the Bond Ranch. Over the next two years, he purchased the Main section, where the house is located, and the Bear section, which is no longer part of Canyon Ranch. At the time, the ranch was spread over 42,800 acres, and had 1,400 head of cattle and 12 full-time employees. Harrison focused primarily on horse and cattle breeding, until 1972, when oil exploration began.


In 1990, Burlington Resources purchased the entire ranch, primarily for conducting oil and gas operations. They used the surface for their corporate hunting lease - many state senators and railroad commission members from Texas and New Mexico were entertained at the ranch during this time. Employees of Burlington used Camp 55, which is approximately 7 miles south of the main house, for hunting and recreation. They later sold the ranch to Musgrave Enterprise in 2002.


In 2003, Dennis Bearden, CEO and founder of Century A/C Supply, Core Distributing, and Air Management, as well as Bearden Development, purchased 19,436 acres of the ranch, which includes the main lodge, all the equipment related to operations, and the 6,200 ft runway. Canyon Ranch is now used for entertaining clients of the aforementioned businesses, employees, friends, and family.

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